FLIPSKY FSESC 6.6 based upon VESC® 6 + Aluminum Case + Switch [temporarily unavailable]

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Flipsky FSESC 6.6 is based on VESC® 6. It is comaptible with VESC TOOL and VESC® firmware.

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Best electronic speed controller (ESC) for electric skateboards, longboards, bikes and other electric vehicles on the market!


- Hardware: V 6.6
- Firmware: VESC_default_no_hw_limits
- Voltage: 8V - 60V (Safe for 3S to 12S LiPo/liion)
- Voltage spikes should not exceed 60V
- Current: Continuous 60A, Burst 150A. Values depend on the temperature and air circulation around the device
- 5V 1.5A output for external electronics
- 3.3V 1A output for external electronics
- Modes: DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)
- Supported sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047
- includes integrated Anti-spark switch with poushbutton mounted on aluminium case
- includes IP65 certified water and dust proof aluminum case
- 3oz copper for maximum power capability

open case


- Measure current and voltage of all phases
- Regenerative braking
- Traction control (single and double settings)
- Sensored or sensorless operation + hybrid mode
- Configurable RPM, Current, Voltage and Power Limits
- Input source: PPM, simulation, NRF Nyko Kama Nunchuck
- Communication ports: USB, CAN, UART, NRF, Bluetooth
- Throttle curves and ramps for all input sources
- Separate acceleration and brake throttle curves
- Seamless four-quadrant operation
- Motor speed, ampere hours, watt hour count
- Instant data analysis and reading via communication port
- Integrated XT90 connector for power input
- Integrated waterproof push button to operate the integrated anti-spark switch 
- Rubber gromets around phase wires and O-rings to prevent water and dust ingress
- Fins in aluminium case to improve heat dissipation

Adjustable protections:
            - Minimum input voltage
            - Maximum input voltage
            - Maximum motor current
            - Maximum input current
            - Maximum regenerative braking current (separate limit of motor and input)
            - Maximum speed/RPM (separate limit in each direction).
            - Over temperature threshold (separate for MOSFETs and motor)

Wiring + interface

dual esc diagram

The package contains:

1* FSECS 6.6 with Aluminium case and pushbutton switch
1* Micro USB data cable for programming via VESC TOOL
1* JST to servo connector adapter for connecting PPM (RC) receiver
1* Manual