Push to start MOSFET switch without pushbutton

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Just push once and that is all you need for your device to come from a complete OFF state to ON.

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All you have to do to turn your board ON, is give it a push!


The auto turn-OFF feature will turn your board off after set time (adjustable 5-45 minutes). No more dead batteries because you forgot to turn your board OFF!

Easy to install

The installation does not require require any special tools, all you will need are connectors of your choice and soldering iron to put them on. Please refer to the instructions below for more information.

Easy to use

The switch offers two modes: Auto tun-OFF mode and Pushbutton mode. In both modes the switch turns ON right as the motor starts spinning/you push off.

Auto turn-OFF

In this mode, the sliding switch should be moved to the left (see pictures below). Using a small philips-head (X, cross) screwdriver you can adjust the delay before your board turns off after the motor stops spinning. Gently turn the screwdriver clockwise to decrease the time, counter-clockwise to increase the time within the range of 5-45 minutes. In this mode, the pushbutton input is not affecting the behavior of the switch, the LED output still works as an output state indicator.

Pushbutton mode

In this mode, the sliding switch should be moved all the way to the right (see pictures below). The position of the potentiometer does not affect the behavior of the switch. Connect the LED momentary pushbutton from us or bought separately using the suppllied connector. When the motor is running the pushbutton will not react to being pressed for safety. When the motor stops, press and hold the button for 2 seconds or more to turn the board OFF, the auto turn off feature is disabled in this mode.

Please, change modes only when the battery is not connected to the input of the switch.

Compact form factor

We designed thisswtch to be as small as possible and still have high current capabilities to fit inside and not restrict any build!


Max. voltage

13S lii-on/lipo

Max. current

100A continuos (unfused) 150A peaks


28mm*40mm*10mm (1.10" * 1.57" * 0.40")

Timer range

5min - 45min

Pushbutton/LED voltage


Power wire length


Pushbutton wire length


Phase wire connection cable


Package includes:

Push to start MOSFET switch
Pushbutton wires with matching connector
Optional Accessory momentary pushbutton with blue LED


Push to start INSTRUCTIONS

In this PDF you will find all necessary information to install and use the Push-to-start switch.

Download (638.83k)