Terms and conditions

No fix no pay

We offer this feature on all of our repair services. Please read this information carefully. Our customer support will get in touch with you via email after you submit your repair. Based on information given by you we can deny your repair or deny this no fix no pay guarantee. We do not deny repair or this guarantee often, however if your device is broken beyond repair, based on information and pictures provided, we may deny your repair to save you and us trouble and money for shipping. We can deny you this guarantee if your device is not as described when it is delivered to us. Please note, this guarantee does not apply to shipping costs, if your device is not fixable we will ship it back to you at your expense.

In case you choose wrong repair

If you choose wrong repair and if this will now be apparent from information provided by you during ordering, we will change the repair type to the correct one. For example: if you choose CAN chip replacement but your ESC actually needs a DRV to be replaced, we will change this repair type from CAN chip replacement to DRV replacement. This change may happen after we receive the ESC and physically diagnose it. Please note, this change may increase or decrease the price due to the prices not being the same for each repair.

How does our repair service work?

We offer basic flat rate repair "e-sk8 ESC repair" for those who have not diagnosed their ESC themselves or for those who do not know what the problem with their ESC is. The price of this service is not dependent on the amount of work or parts needed to make the device work again.

We also offer specific services "CAN chip replacement", "DRV chip replacement" and "MOSFET replacement". These services are for those who have diagnosed their ESC themselves and have found that the problem is one of the options mentioned above. 
Please note, if you choose a specific service and your ESC needs additional service apart from the one chosen, we will update your order from this specific service to "e-sk8 ESC repair" this might increase the price.

How to order services

In order to order our repair services please go to "Repairs" category and pick one of the options provided. If you are unsure about the problem your device has, please choose "e-sk8 ESC repair". If you know what is the problem with your device please choose one of the other options. Read more in "In case you choose wrong repair" part of this page. 

After choosing one of the options, fill in the form and our customer service will get in touch with you using the email provided by you during registration.

Next, after our customer support provides you with our shipping address, you will send your broken device to us. After we receive it, we will diagnose the problem further and notify you if womething has changed, read about this in "In case you choose wrong repair" part of this page. If the problem with the device is as discussed with our customer support we will proceed with the repair and if the repair is successful we will ship your device back to you. If your device is not repairable you might be eligible for our no fix no pay guarantee, read more about this in the "No fix no pay" part of this page.

What devices do we repair?

We offer repairs of various open source devices that are mainly meant to be used with electric skateboards, scooters, bikes and more.

We also offer repair for non open source ESCs, however the no fix no pay guarantee does not cover this service. This is due to lack of schematics that are necessary to troubleshoot devices. Please contact our customer support for more information about your exact device. This repair might also take more time depending on the items necessary to repair your device, we might not have them in stock.

How to order products

You can order any of the products that are listed as "in stock" in your store. After we receive the payment we will update you with tracking information for your package. The handling time is 24 hours (with exception of holiday) after the payment was received. Read more in delivery.

Please note, we are not responsible for any loss or damage due to incorrect usage of our products and services.